Monday, June 14, 2010

Drag Sara

So I've been inspired by drag queens a lot lately, and by lately I guess I mean the past 6-9 months. Over the top makeup, lots of it.. kind of a makeup artist's play ground. This was a look that I did a while back and never posted. Lots of Shroom, Carbon, Stars-n-Rockets from MAC, and a MUFE loose eyeshadow which looks white but shows up a beautiful glowing purple. Lots of gel liner and a pair of crazy lashes from Ardel or something. On the lips, its a mix of Magenta lip liner, Gladiola and Creamcup lipstick, all MAC. On my face I'm wearing Chanel Pro Lumiere liquid foundation, topped off with MAC powder foundation and Harmony blusher as contour.. and it looks like a tiny bit of Dollymix for colour on the cheeks.
And for a bonus, this was a look that I had thought of for a while and wanted to try. Again this is an old picture so remembering the products are difficult. Looks like Naked Lunch and a highlight, Carbon as a defined crease blended upwards with Satelite Dreams, Vanilla pigment on the lid with black gel liner and Shimmermoss as an added liner on top of the black. Gel liner on the water line, Satelite Dreams under lower lashline and a pair of falsies. On the lips it looks like Hot Gossip with Date Night Dazzleglass on top. As for skin.. maybe Bare Minerals? lol

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