Friday, September 20, 2013

Home Décor DIY

I just wanted to share a recent DIY home décor project that I've completed. My living room walls were completely bare for way too long (over a year!). I had such a hard time committing to something. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do with the space, when I finally got so fed up that I decided something was easily better than nothing. 

My fiancé Alan and I were walking around Home Depot when we saw floating shelves for less than $20. This was one of my ideas and finally I committed to it. We picked up the largest and smallest shelves and went right to work positioning them on the wall around our flat screen.

After the quick and easy installation, I felt uncomfortable with how bare the other side of the wall looked. We went to Fabricville and looked through the bin of discounted scrap fabrics and found lovely material for very cheap! We went ahead and purchased any white frames that were on sale and framed the fabric and hung up opposite to the floating shelves. The best part is that we hung up these frames using Command velcro picture hanging strips (yay less holes in the wall!). What was great was that I was able to switch around the pictures to find the best combo that I liked and if I hated it altogether, there were no holes left behind! 

What do you think? I think my condo is looking a little more like a home :) You can see my bunny Hooch's cage in the bottom right- I will eventually be getting her a cabinet to sit on top of instead of the floor where I can hide her food and toys.

Cheers, Sara x0

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  1. how pretty! what?! a bunny? pictures? haha by the way, i love the color of the walls and i found you on MakeupTalk<3

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