Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cute Presentable Hair When You Are Feeling Lazy

So, if I have to do my hair, but don't feel like can't shower and do a full blow out.. this is my safe go-to look.

Things to consider:
- My sister and I have curly hair. Much more effort is required to make curly hair pretty. At least in my opinion.
- While my sister and I both have curly hair, we have very different textures so the results look different. Check out the picture below for what my hair looks like when I use this technique.
- You don't have to straighten the ends of your sections, this is just a personal preference because I like the disheveled, didn't really try too hard, kind of look.
- This technique is really to save time. This takes me about 10 minutes to complete on my mid length hair, it would take me about 20-25 minutes on my very long hair. This took about 30 minutes to film the video and do my sister's hair. Actual hair time was about 20 minutes, once you master your own hair, this will go much quicker.

I hope you enjoy :)

Watch my video HERE!

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