Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hodge Podge

Strange term, hey? Well, this is just that, a mix of random things that all come together and kinda make sense in a weird kinda way.

First, I am on an organization kick. I am currently working on my linen closet and under my bathroom sinks. Sadly, I forgot to take a before picture. This is probably a good thing because they were in sad states.

Some tips that I've been totally into is:

1) You know how stainless steel looks beautiful, but it totally sucks that you can use magnets on it? I didn't even realize that the washer/drier is an area that I can stick magnets to! A handy trick I picked up was using a mesh wire basket purchased in the locker accessories section of many stores can stick very handy there to collect lint or objects from pockets.

2) The backs of doors is prime real estate. Don't get too crazy and clutter it up, but those inexpensive command strips can be your best friend and you can stick one on the inside of the kitchen sink cabinet and hang your rubber gloves with an alligator clip. So simple and useful!

3) This sounds really simple and obvious, but seriously, less is more. Take a moment to really think about it. How many duvet covers do you need? How many towels do you need? Really? Alan and I scaled back from 6 to 3 duvet covers and from heck knows how many guest towels to 4. The linen closet is able to breathe!

Secondly, I am so excited to try a new face mask. I ordered online the ThirstyMud treatment from GlamGlow and also the 0.3 oz sample size of the SuperMud treatment. I swear, I am going to get control of this skin of mine, and I sincerely hope that these products will help me get there. I will be creating a post dedicated towards my skin, and my current skin care items.

Lastly, I still don't have my wedding photos back from my photographer and this is why I haven't made a post just yet all about my wedding. I have so much to say about weddings, planning, engagement, and personal stories to share- I will likely have to make multiple posts about this topic.

I guess what all of this boils down to, is I have a lot of little projects on the go, and you can expect many more random posts to come :)

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