Friday, October 24, 2014

Washing My Face!

As my last post mentioned, I recently got my hands on a couple of GlamGlow products and I had a chance to try them out last night. I figured I would use this opportunity to mention my current face cleansing routine as well. 

I started out looking a little like this. I had a little bit of make up on from early in the day, but had been out in the rain, cleaning the bathrooms and even fell asleep briefly in this makeup- hence the smudge under my right eye. 

The first thing I do is wipe my makeup off as best as I can with a makeup remover wipe. This is the inexpensive brand from my local drug store and I have been using these wipes for years. They claim to be 3 in 1: Makeup remover, face cleanser, and toner. Meh, I don't know about really cleaning or toning my face, but it takes makeup off just fine and is a reasonable price and is why it is my step one. 

My next step is my trusty cleanser. I use Biotherm's Biosource "Mousse" I think they are calling it now *Important- not the Gel version*. I have been using this for years and it is absolutely my favourite cleanser of all time. It is so gentle and feels amazing- it foams in the perfect kind of way. It isn't like a bubbly foam, it just feels like there is this layer of dense smooth foam on your face. It is perfect and I cannot sing it's praises enough. For a period of time, I tried a tea tree oil face cleanser and experienced serious breakouts in areas that I never normally break out. I returned to this guy and all was well again in the world. 

For the past three months, I have been using this cleanser in conjunction with the Clarisonic Mia2 and really have been enjoying it. First of all, it has really taken care of my texture issues on my skin. I used to have small rough bumps on the sides of my face near the jaw line and dry patches across my forehead. Secondly, it is so stinking fun to use and makes deep cleaning your face a joy and breeze. It isn't a chore to wash my face, and anything to help with making me stick to routines is great!

Ahh, super fresh and feeling good. After this step is when I pulled out my new products from GlamGlow to play around with. First, I used SuperMud which normally comes in a white jar, but I have the 0.3 oz sample tube. It is meant to really suck out the nasties in your face for an incredibly deep cleanse. I imagine it can also be used for a spot treatment. I applied a very thin layer over my face. Because of this, I am confident that my little sample tube will provide me at least three more full face applications. 

This is what the mask looks like a minute after applied and drying. 

And this is after 20 minutes of letting it do it's thing with my pores. Kind of terrifying if you ask me. Look at all of those little dark spots! These would be my pores and the mask sucking out the contents of them. I was really impressed with how well this worked! I have tried other "deep pore cleansing" clay masks and they have never worked this well! Immediately after washing this mask off my face, I could tell a huge difference in my skin, especially the texture on my nose. It was so smooth and rid of all of those tiny blackhead bumps!

Now, this SuperMud treatment was understandably very drying. I have dry enough skin as it is, and felt myself wanting to inject moisture back into my face. Handy enough, my full size tub product from GlamGlow was a moisturizing mask. The ThirstyMud smells lovely, and feels like a very thick moisturizer and I smeared a thin layer of this all over my face as well. 

In this picture, you really can't tell that I have a treatment mask on. This is my hesitation with this mask. It's not really a mask. And it doesn't really claim to be- it is a treatment. However, the directions are basically that of a mask... or a moisturizer. It tells you for use during the day, let it sit on your skin for a desired period of time, then you can wipe the excess off with a tissue (strange) and then continue with your daily routine. However, for use during the night, apply your thin layer and go to bed with it on and if there is anything left in the morning, just rub it in which is exactly like a night cream.
 I guess my hesitation with this product is that when I purchase a mask, I want to feel like I applied a mask. It is very silly, but it is a roadblock and making me regret buying this full size version instead of the SuperMud. It is silly because of the results. My skin feels awesome. It feels different that it has ever felt. The faint lines that I sometimes get across my forehead are pumped out and invisible. Those dry patches on the sides of my face are totally smooth. 

I am hoping that the results and my continued use of this ThirstyMud treatment will squash my hesitation with it over time. Because the reality is, my skin feels soft and hydrated and clean and plump and I really shouldn't be complaining! Also, my spots on my chin from hormonal breakouts and that cleanser that didn't agree with me have seriously diminished. I mean, we are talking 3D to 2D overnight. 

First impressions, I am completely sold on the SuperMud and can already sing it's praises. As for the ThirstyMud, I'm pretty sure I like it. I'm just trying to figure out if it is worth the price tag.

I will update my feelings on this system after some regular use!

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