Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hooch's Mama!

I realized that I have yet to share with you a part of my family, my bunny named Hooch! Ain't she pretty?


What type of bunny is she?

She is a female Netherland Dwarf rabbit

How old is she?

She is almost 2 years old!

How old was she when you acquired her?

She was about 3 months old.

How did you acquire her?

My husband and I purchased her from a pet shop. Since then, I learned about a local rabbit rescue which I've done some fundraising for and would strongly advicate that you adopt instead of buy. I know my next fur ball will be a rescue :)

Why a bunny?

I remember watching HRHcollection on Youtube when she talked about her pet rabbit who lived in her home and just romped around and I thought that was amazing. My family had a rabbit when I was younger, but I think I was honestly too young to appreciate her. I started looking into rabbit care and checking out pet stores to oooh and aawww over the cute fluffy guys. I eventually talked my husband into getting one of our own!

What's with her name?

Alan and I didn't even think about names before we picked her up. We kind of wanted to go look, and see if we fell in love with a bunny and hoped that the name would come to us. We named her on the way home. "Hooch" comes from a character in our favourite TV show Scrubs. Hooch is a minor character only in a few episodes, but everyone knows that "Hooch is crazy". It just made sense and we kept it, hehe. Most people think shes a boy because of the name. 

Is she indoor/outdoor? Is she free range or caged?

Hooch is an indoor bunny. She has free range of our home office. I call it her room instead of the office, anyway. In there, she has a cage which she finds comfort in, however, the door is never closed on her. In there is her litter box, her food and water dish and a little loft where she can hide if she wants to. We let her out of her room daily for exercise and to explore. When she is out and about in our condo, she is also free. Only our bedroom and closets are off limits to her. She mastered the hardwood floors and loves to chill under the coffee table in the living room. 

If you have any more questions about Hooch, or rabbit care in general please leave a comment below! I love talking about bunnies <3 font="">

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