Thursday, July 30, 2009

getting started

My background makeup, haha, well there isn't too much to say. I remember playing with my mom's makeup when I was probably 10 or 11. When I was 14 I was allowed to buy my own makeup and wear it to school. I remember some of the first things I bought were bright eyeliners. I had a purple and a turquoise one and would wear it on my upper lash line with mascara. Then I remember buying neutral quads from Maybelline and Cover Girl. Knowing where to place the colours was instinct. I've known to highlight, and work with outer corners and creases since I bought my first quad. I've been doing makeup on myself, my sisters and my friends ever since.
I fell in love with a Dior lip gloss, which then led me to fall in love with a Dior 5 eyeshadow palette (neutral haha go figure). I heard about MAC here and there, then when I found out that the city I was going to for school had a store I was really excited. I started a quad and was hooked for life. I think my first colour was Stars n' Rockets.
I started watching YouTube videos of girls doing tutorials on makeup, and makeup hauls about one year ago. I found myself lost in the videos for hours at a time. It all started with Lorraine Stanick's The Current Custom, and KandeeTheMakeupArtist. I love those girls and feel like they are friends even though they have no idea who I am haha. They have blogs, and I was like - Why don't I start one? So that brings me here, no formal training but a passion none the less.
I plan on posting some of my collection, any new hauls, my reviews on certain products and of course makeup looks that I've done. I hope you enjoy! So stay tuned!! :)
- Sara x0x
p.s. I love love love this girl, she is the most cheerful, bright person I've ever seen. Her name is Kandee and this is her blog, check her out!

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