Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I was working on a very dramatic look when I stumbled on a lip combo that I love. It's MAC's lipliner in Magenta all over with MAC's Dazzleglass in Date Night. As for the rest of the look it was something I was playing with with someone else in mind. Don't judge the black eyebrows! haha

Monday, December 7, 2009


Halloween is a great time to find glitter of all kind. I finally got a chance to play with some I picked up from the drug store.

Two pairs of false lashes I've learned can be heavy on the lids. On the eyes all that was used was Mac's carbon eyeshadow, a light brown shadow by Dior, Grande Entrance shadow by Mac, a cheapy bottle of silver glitter and two pairs of lashes. Cheeks- Mac's Dollymix, Lips- Mac's Cherish lipstick, foundation- Chanel ProLumiere.

Friday, September 18, 2009

two looks

So here are two looks, one old and one new. The first set is from about a year ago. It is a bit more fun than the other one but I was still going out with this makeup on so I didn't want to too vibrant! The other look is one I recently did before going to class. It is a very typical look for me.

So in this brighter look on the inner corner of my lid I'm wearing MAC's Gorgeous Gold, blending outwards is MAC's Fab&Flashy which is an orange frost and on the outer corner is a fun red from a brand called Faces. I have MAC's Naked Lunch on the inner tear duct and for highlight, and MAC's fluidline blacktrack liner on lash line and water line. Gorgeous Gold and Fab&Flashy are also under neath the lower lashes. My boyfriend wanted me to do a look inspired by fire and he gave me an example of red on the inner corner fading out to orange and yellow. I thought about it and decided on this combo instead.

This is a typical look. I'm wearing MAC's paint in Untitled as a base, Naked Lunch over the lid and as a highlight, with MAC's Handwritten blended and blended and blended on the outer corner and into the crease. For liner of course I'm wearing MAC's fluidline in Blacktrack but smudged after applied to give a softer look. Over top of that liner I applied MAC's Carbon (matte black) to prolong the life of the smudged liner. I lightly applied a cheapy drug store white pencil liner on water line and then extended out to the outre corner and blended that colour. I applied that Handwritten under the lower lashes and blended out along the line of the white liner. This helps me feel like my eyes look bigger :)

Thanks for looking! I am feeling much much better and am facing the dilemma that being a vegan then vegetarian for over 3 years has caused to my health. Veg heads- take your vitamins! Especially Iron and Vitamin B-12!! Ahhh I hate shots!
&& Exciting news! I got a lil something in the mail today! I have to say so far I am very very excited and just as impressed :) I will be filling you all in soon <3

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have been soooo sick! Like gross sick-like not give you any details sick. Ew. But I am getting test results back today and good news is I'm feeling a bit better! I will be doing looks when I'm home from school procrastinating on doing school work. And there is a lot of that that goes on so look forward to it :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm back!

Hey guys, I just recently moved back to the city where I go to university so that took up a bunch of my time. My bad! I haven't had time to do any new looks and capture them but I do have a pretty fun look from about 6-8 months ago which I think is so much fun!
On my eyes I'm wearing MAC's Vanilla pigment with a healthy dose of MAC fluideline in blacktrack, and a set of falsies. On my lips (the fun part) I lined my lips with MAC's magenta liner and filled in my lips with MACs Gladiola lipstick from the Dame Edna line. Soo much fun! Enjoy!! :)

Haha again as you can probably tell this was late one night and apparently I didn't realize the state of my hair when taking the pictures! Please excuse!

Pair these lips with Peroxide lipglass from the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection for the perfect intense Barbie lip!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

dramatic day look

This is a look that I did a while ago. It's something that I like to wear during the day when I want to have a bit more dramatic look than just the usual mascara and eyeliner. I apply Mac handwritten all over the lid, then add Mac's gentle heat in and above the crease making sure to blend into handwritten. I add Grande Entrance for a high light and apply Mac's fluidline in blacktrack and make sure to blend quite well. Add black eyeliner to water line, a bit of Diorshow in Backstage 090 and thats the eye. It is really simple and only takes a few minutes to finish.
I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions ask away! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i want thick lashes...

So obviously when I saw this little gem at my Sally's store I picked it up. It was only like 6 dollars and I didn't think that it would harm my lashes. I still don't think its harming my lashes.. my eyeballs on the other hand... hah I'm pretty sure if I accidently get the product in my eyes they sting a little. I have really sensitive eyes though. Just don't wipe off this product, or cry or get a shower soon after applying.
My eyelashes are a light brown, are sparse in my opinion and on the shorter side. I've seen shorter, but I've seen much more longer. Here are pictures of my eyelashes two days after I started using this lash thickener (I forgot to take pictures before! oops) and I will take pictures again after using the product for a month.
This product is from Claudia Stevens and is simply called Eye Lash Thickener Vitamin Enriched. It is meant for thin sparse and short lashes. Instructions are to brush on clean lashes (mainly at the base) morning and night. Well night time is fine, but in the morning I always wear mascara. So on day 1 I waited 5 minutes to apply my mascara and that look was not cute. So the next day I waited about 30 minutes which turned out better than the day before.. but I still am not a fan of the fiberous flakey look.. ew. So now I am just applying a lot at night and not bothering in the morning unless I'm not working that morning.
Good luck to me! I hope I get beautiful thick healthy lashes.. but I will settle for anything better than what I have right now actually.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

keep it moving

It was so nice outside and I had a million things to do today but I tried to make time to take pictures of my makeup today. Keep in mind I was in a hurry and didn't devote enough time to capture the makeup how it should have been captured.
I wore Mac Wood Winked, Mac Handwritten, Mac Carbon, Mac fluideline gel eyeliner in blacktrack, and Dior show mascara in Backstage 090. On my skin I had a little bit of Bare Minerals in Medium Tan.

I'm not in love with my skin right now. I need to dedicate more time to get perfect skin. I only wash my face once a day.. maybe I should start a better night time routine. Right now I use a Neutrogena daily exfoliating cleanser and lots of moisturizer. I have scars on my chin too that I would like to make disappear. I'm thinking about trying Mederma. I will update with that progress.
I hope you are having a great August so far! Can you believe it's half way over?! School is lurking around the corner and I feel like I haven't felt summer yet. Lets soak up these next three weeks!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

my bad

I've been so crazy busy lately that I haven't had the chance to think about blogspot. But I'm trying to get back on track, so here is a quick little blurb about some up coming things to look forward to.
I went to Sally's again and I saw this eyelash volumizer treatment where you apply morning and night and theres vitamins in it which technically should make my lashes grow more to achieve a fuller longer set of natural eyelashes. I will be trying this out and letting you guys know my thoughts on it.
I want to tell you my opinion on tanning, and touch on the tanning beds= mustard gas insanity and then go a bit further into tanning.
I am going to be doing a lot more looks, I promise. And I will try to show off some of my collection of makeup.
For now, here's a picture of me sans makeup (ok, there's mascara) because no blog is complete without pictures:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

medusa's what?

I was in this cute boutique in Fredericton New Brunswick about a month ago called Made You Blush. I went to check out the Stila products, hoping even though Stila is going under that they would have the black pencil liners. They didn't have any left sadly enough, but it's ok because I found these little gems. What are the gems? My pretty hot pink eye makeup brushes by Medusas Makeup! For five of them it was only $35! So I figured that they wouldn't be very good quality since they were so cheap, but since they were so cheap and I loved the hot pinkness I thought I would give them a shot. Can I just say that I am so impressed with the quality of these bad boys? The bristles are so soft, amazingly soft. And they apply eyeshadows exactly how they should. I am so happy with this purchase and I am so stoked about the price! They have some other products that I was looking at- like crazy intense colours of pigments that they call eye dusts. If you are interested check them out at .Aren't they hot? The package came with a smudge brush (I use it as a lip brush), an angle liner (works awesome for filling in brows with powder too!), a shadow brush, fluff shadow brush ( I love for highlight), and eye contour (lovely for blending out the crease).
Looove! <3
-sara x0x

Monday, August 3, 2009

sara does mac does barbie!

So I wasn't able to sleep one night and at 4am I thought makeup application would be appropriate. So I was thinking since it was so late/early that I wouldn't be wearing this out and I could do a fun look. I chose to do a Barbie theme and found this picture of the icon:
I think that the outcome looks like a more wearable version of this look from MAC for their Barbie collection:
So these pictures were taken at 5am haha, I have issuses with sleep. The colours didn't show up as bright as they were in person. Anyways, I used MAC's paint in Untitled for a base, then a mix of MAC's Orb and Bitter on the lid, MAC Handwritten for a dramatic crease and along lower lash line, MAC Dollymix blush above crease and blended into Naked Lunch for a highlight. Liner was MAC fluidline in blacktrack. Diorshow Backstage mascara and Ardell lashes in 116 on lashes, Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Tan, Dollymix and Blunt on cheeks. I used MAC Magenta lip liner and for the lip colour I used a mix of MAC Gladiola and Cream Cup with Peroxide lipglass over top.

I really like how the lips turned out. I was aiming for the colour on the first inspiration picture and I think I was pretty successful. This was a really fun look to do, and it makes me want to do more themed looks! I was thinking Disney Princesses? I dunno! Some night when I can't sleep I'm sure I will make up my mind. Hope you enjoy! :)
-sara x0x

Sunday, August 2, 2009

So this is the rest of my China Glaze collection. Lord know's I will be getting more with my Sally Beauty Card, but this is it for now. I chose between flash or no flash to show the true colour as best as possible.
Turned Up Turquoise neon (it's not that neon.. and it has a really dull finish, its interesting but I like a top coat on it):
Cherry Pie (Red with pretty pinky sparkles):

Thataway (peachy orange):

Golden Meringue (very sheer, but when the light hits it right theres a really pretty golden colour, I really like this colour actually):

Magical (a brownish silver.. soo pretty):

Laced Up (very cute Barbie pink):

I will probably pick up a purple, but other than that I really shouldn't buy anymore. Sadly that doesn't mean I wont buy more anyways.
-sara x0x

pretty summer look

So this look kind of looks a bit like the last one I posted. This is a more day time pretty summer look. I used the Dior 5 colour iridescent eyeshadow palette in 609 Earth Reflection. I used the upper left gold colour on the lid, the lower right colour as a highlight, and the upper right colour blended in and above crease, and the bottom left colour to darken the outer corner and smudged into the lower lash line. As a base I used my MAC paintpot in Bare Study and for liner I used MAC fluidline in Blacktrack on upper lash line, in the water line I just used a cheap white pencil liner. Foundation is Bare Minerals in a mix of Light and Medium Tan. On the lips I have just a lip balm. On the cheeks I have a highlight in MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Soft and Gentle. Mascara was Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara- a cheap drug store product but I do like it for a more day time, not-so-dramatic look.

I hope you like! Have a wonderful Sunday :)
-sara x0x

Saturday, August 1, 2009

so what do i look like today?

This is silver meets bronze going out look. It turns out a pretty neutral look with lots of black eyeliner. What did I use? I have my MAC paint in Untitled as a base, Gosh eyeshadow in 14 Grey Brown over the lid and slightly blended upward, MAC e/s in Woodwinked in and above crease, MAC Orb to blend out all the sheen and act as a highlight, MAC e/s in Handwritten to darken up the outer corner, MAC fluidline in Blacktrack, Diorshow Backstage mascara (my fav), and Ardell false eyelashes in 116? I threw out most of the casing so I could be dead wrong. I'm wearing a little bit of Bare Mineral foundation in Medium Tan and MAC blush in Blunt. On the lips I'm wearing Jubilee which I must say I love. It just takes the redness out of my lips and gives me a bit of moisture.

It's a pretty look that is shimmery and dramatic enough for a classy evening out, or a trashy evening out - which ever you're into.

old looks i've done

Happy August Everyone! So here are some looks that I could find on my computer that I've done in the past two years. There are more, I will round up the next lot and show them in a few days I think. It's always fun to look back though, don'tcha think? haha, I will remember as best as I can what products I used!

This look I did because I wanted to play with some very much neglected blue eyeshadow I have.
Featured in this look: MAC Aquadisiac e/s in and above crease, MAC Satelite Dreams e/s all over lid, MAC ORB e/s to blend out the blue and act as a bit of a highlight, MAC blacktrack fluidline, Diorshow Backstage mascara 090, and a mix of an ashy and light brown colour to fill eyebrows. I used Bare Minerals foundation in Light

Don't I look tough? Haha, Alright so in this look I can tell that I used from the Dior 5 palatte in 030 the lightest colour for highlight and inner corner, I used MAC Orb e/s for all over the lid, some MAC Soba e/s crease action, a little touch of MAC Shale e/s and MAC Knight Divine in the outer corner. I used MAC fluideline in blacktrack, and Diorshow backstage makeup (it's my fav mascara of all time). Foundation was MAC Studio Fix (I don't remember the shade) and it looks like I'm wearing blush in Sweet As Cocoa.

This is a pretty basic look for me. If I have time in the morning to do makeup before I go to school this is typically what I go for. MAC Naked Lunch (I looove this eyeshadow) for highlight, MAC Orb e/s on lid, and lot of blending with MAC (the name isn't on the pan anymore I thiiink it's Handwritten) matte redish brown e/s. For liner I used MAC's fluideline in blacktrack and again, Diorshow backstage mascara. Foundation here I was wearing MAC's Studio Fix (I don't remember the shade)

So those are some old looks, I will be posting some more new and old looks. You can tell which ones are new because I'm so much darker now haha. I also want to talk about some brushes that I came across, and my technique with lipstick. So watch out for that! :)
-sara x0x

Friday, July 31, 2009

china glaze goodies

I went shopping today. So I figured I would share with the class haha. I finally made my way to the new Sally Beauty supply store here in my home town. I knew that they carried China Glaze, and to my delight all CG was on sale. Yay! So I picked up four, and I'm pretty sure I'm going back before the sale is over to grab a couple more. This now rounds out my collection of CG nail polishes at 10 beautiful gems.

The ones I picked up are:

Celtic Sun (neon)

Orange Knockout (neon):



And this is my complete China Glaze collection as of right now. I will post swatches of the rest of the crew lata.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

getting started

My background makeup, haha, well there isn't too much to say. I remember playing with my mom's makeup when I was probably 10 or 11. When I was 14 I was allowed to buy my own makeup and wear it to school. I remember some of the first things I bought were bright eyeliners. I had a purple and a turquoise one and would wear it on my upper lash line with mascara. Then I remember buying neutral quads from Maybelline and Cover Girl. Knowing where to place the colours was instinct. I've known to highlight, and work with outer corners and creases since I bought my first quad. I've been doing makeup on myself, my sisters and my friends ever since.
I fell in love with a Dior lip gloss, which then led me to fall in love with a Dior 5 eyeshadow palette (neutral haha go figure). I heard about MAC here and there, then when I found out that the city I was going to for school had a store I was really excited. I started a quad and was hooked for life. I think my first colour was Stars n' Rockets.
I started watching YouTube videos of girls doing tutorials on makeup, and makeup hauls about one year ago. I found myself lost in the videos for hours at a time. It all started with Lorraine Stanick's The Current Custom, and KandeeTheMakeupArtist. I love those girls and feel like they are friends even though they have no idea who I am haha. They have blogs, and I was like - Why don't I start one? So that brings me here, no formal training but a passion none the less.
I plan on posting some of my collection, any new hauls, my reviews on certain products and of course makeup looks that I've done. I hope you enjoy! So stay tuned!! :)
- Sara x0x
p.s. I love love love this girl, she is the most cheerful, bright person I've ever seen. Her name is Kandee and this is her blog, check her out!