Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adult Braces: Update 4!


I finally feel as though we have solved my over crowded smile! We are 18 months into the game and I am seeing the results of all of the work from the past year and a half. Such an exciting time. 

Here is a comparison of me prior to upper brackets, and now!

You may have noticed that I am now wearing two sets of elastics. One set is to act somewhat like that past appliance (distilizer), and the other is working on the same old problem of bringing down my fangs hehe. A better picture of the elastics below.

You may we wondering, how many steps have you had so far? I was also curious and wanted to make a list:

1) Bottom teeth got brackets and wire right away (to correct a small gap and to just perfect as best as possible

2) Top teeth got a palate expander (the absolute worst appliance, hands down)

3) Palate expander was removed and then a distilizer was placed to try and bring front teeth backwards and bring down canines.

4) Canines didn't shift quickly as liked, so bottom wire was taken off brackets, a "permanent" retainer was placed behind bottom teeth to prevent shifting. 

5) Distilizer removed and upper teeth got a fixed appliance for rotated molars (feels very similar to palate expander)

6) Upper teeth got brackets and wire- still wearing elastics like with the distilizer to bring down canines. 

7) Upper teeth's bracket wire replaced with a heavy wire with hooks to allow for second set of elastics acting like distilizer to bring teeth backwards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Also, check out my YouTube video dedicated to this latest update here.

Sara x0

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  1. Looks like everything is going shipshape, Sarah! I’m admiring your patience in all of this—the new wires being added and old ones being axed, elastics being put in there, and so on. Never doubt the effectiveness of these appliances, and you’ll get the smile you’ve been dreaming of soon. Keep on being upbeat and always remember to follow your orthodontist’s requests! Cheers!

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry