Thursday, January 22, 2015

Battle of the Flat Irons!

NuMe vs. CHI

I  just posted a video on my YouTube channel where I compared the results (not the specs) of my trusty old CHI flat iron versus my new NuMe flat iron from the Curl Jam set. 

I've had my CHI for about 8 years. I've tried many before and many after owning my CHI, but absolutely nothing compared to it. It straightened my hair quickly, and kept it straight. I used this thing almost to death (I had to bring it back to life more than once). It isn't exactly safe in its current state, so I looked into finding a replacement. 

I ended up purchasing the NuMe Curl Jam set during their holiday sale. It includes a clipless curling wand with three different sized barrels, and a flat iron. I went on the site to pick out a curling wand, but thought since the deal was so great, I might as well take this chance to try out a new flat iron. 

Let me tell you, I was very skeptical. YouTube and Instagram seem to be flooded with NuMe sponsored ads (or videos). Just so it's clear, I am in no way affiliated with NuMe. I am a customer who needed a new flat iron and took advantage of a sale. When a company inundates YouTube with sponsored videos, I grow skeptical of the product. I don't immediately fall into the hype, I always have to try and do research. In this case, the best research was to try out the iron on my own hair. 

So that is what I did. I split my hair down the middle and straightened half of my head with my trusty yet tired CHI, and compared it to the new popular NuMe. I was shocked with the results.

The NuMe wand left my hair, shinier, smoother, sleeker and straighter. It was even quicker too! I took me 8-9  minutes to straighten half of my hair with the NuMe, and a little over 12 minutes for the CHI. 

I am sold. I love my new NuMe flat iron, and will now be retiring my good old faithful CHI. RIP.

Check out my video here.

Sara x0

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