Friday, September 18, 2009

two looks

So here are two looks, one old and one new. The first set is from about a year ago. It is a bit more fun than the other one but I was still going out with this makeup on so I didn't want to too vibrant! The other look is one I recently did before going to class. It is a very typical look for me.

So in this brighter look on the inner corner of my lid I'm wearing MAC's Gorgeous Gold, blending outwards is MAC's Fab&Flashy which is an orange frost and on the outer corner is a fun red from a brand called Faces. I have MAC's Naked Lunch on the inner tear duct and for highlight, and MAC's fluidline blacktrack liner on lash line and water line. Gorgeous Gold and Fab&Flashy are also under neath the lower lashes. My boyfriend wanted me to do a look inspired by fire and he gave me an example of red on the inner corner fading out to orange and yellow. I thought about it and decided on this combo instead.

This is a typical look. I'm wearing MAC's paint in Untitled as a base, Naked Lunch over the lid and as a highlight, with MAC's Handwritten blended and blended and blended on the outer corner and into the crease. For liner of course I'm wearing MAC's fluidline in Blacktrack but smudged after applied to give a softer look. Over top of that liner I applied MAC's Carbon (matte black) to prolong the life of the smudged liner. I lightly applied a cheapy drug store white pencil liner on water line and then extended out to the outre corner and blended that colour. I applied that Handwritten under the lower lashes and blended out along the line of the white liner. This helps me feel like my eyes look bigger :)

Thanks for looking! I am feeling much much better and am facing the dilemma that being a vegan then vegetarian for over 3 years has caused to my health. Veg heads- take your vitamins! Especially Iron and Vitamin B-12!! Ahhh I hate shots!
&& Exciting news! I got a lil something in the mail today! I have to say so far I am very very excited and just as impressed :) I will be filling you all in soon <3

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have been soooo sick! Like gross sick-like not give you any details sick. Ew. But I am getting test results back today and good news is I'm feeling a bit better! I will be doing looks when I'm home from school procrastinating on doing school work. And there is a lot of that that goes on so look forward to it :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm back!

Hey guys, I just recently moved back to the city where I go to university so that took up a bunch of my time. My bad! I haven't had time to do any new looks and capture them but I do have a pretty fun look from about 6-8 months ago which I think is so much fun!
On my eyes I'm wearing MAC's Vanilla pigment with a healthy dose of MAC fluideline in blacktrack, and a set of falsies. On my lips (the fun part) I lined my lips with MAC's magenta liner and filled in my lips with MACs Gladiola lipstick from the Dame Edna line. Soo much fun! Enjoy!! :)

Haha again as you can probably tell this was late one night and apparently I didn't realize the state of my hair when taking the pictures! Please excuse!

Pair these lips with Peroxide lipglass from the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection for the perfect intense Barbie lip!