Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Teeth!

So, my whole life I've wanted straight teeth. I remember begging my parents for orthodontics. Their answer was always to wait until I had my own job with benefits and pay for it myself.. so that's exactly what I did.

My journey started in May when I went for an Invisalign consultation. Basically my orthodontist strongly advised against the Invisalign because of my specific issues and the fact that it would take forever and not be stable. My teeth issues turn out isn't just crowding of my upper arch. I have an overbite, cross bite, rotated molars and crowding! Thus my orthodontist suggested a Haas appliance (palatal expander-ouch!) for 5-6 months, some other contraption that pulls my teeth backwards for 3-4 months, then elastic free braces for 12 months.

Well... what about my wedding coming up September 2013? My first appliance was put in July 15th, meaning it should come out about late December, my next appliance will be in until late March and then my final braces will be on in April. This means my teeth will not be done in time for the wedding- oh no!

However, my orthodontist said that the bulk of the work will be done by September so my teeth will look pretty good, and she will be able to remove the hardware for the wedding, give me clear retainers, and then put them back on after the wedding- yay!!

For those of you interested in my straight teeth journey, check out my videos and pictures below:

July 15, 2013: My untreated teeth

September 10, 2013: My Haas appliance

My youtube video about my experience **HERE**

Cheers for now!

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