Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Mouth and Mind

I recently filmed a video that is currently uploading to Youtube regarding an Adult Orthodontic update. While I was filming this video, I remember feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with my progress. As the video will tell you, I am most annoyed about expectations vs. reality in terms of timelines.

Then, while editing the video together and adding in my before and after shots, I realized, oh wow. I've come a long way. There really is a difference here.

This is a reminder for me that sometimes I need to step back, broaden my focus, and recognize how far I have come in many aspects of my life.

I am working on a post regarding self-love and being your own best friend instead of worst critic. It should be up within a week. I think I have some valuable nuggets of information that I am really excited to share.

So I write this to ask that if you find yourself tunnel visioned and frustrated about, well just about anything, grant yourself permission to take a brief step back to reflect. Try not to be critical, and just genuinely recognize where you started and where you are. It may offer some gratitude and shift your perspective just a little.

Check out my video on my Youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/skentel

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