Sunday, October 5, 2014

Meet My Sister!

My younger sister Nikki did a video with me that is now live on Youtube. You even get to meet Summer, my adorable niece briefly.

We did a "tag" like video where we had to answer 10 questions how the other would have answered. The questions are all below if you wanted to recreate this.

How Would I Answer Tag:
1) What is my best physical feature?
2) What is my worst character flaw?
3) What is my favourite colour?
4) What is my favourite indulgent food?
5) What would I say is my most embarrassing moment?
6) What is my dream job?
7) Who is my dream man?
8) What is my favourite TV show?
9) What is my favourite music artist/band?
10) What is my guilty pleasure?

Watch us here!
My Youtube!


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