Sunday, August 16, 2009

i want thick lashes...

So obviously when I saw this little gem at my Sally's store I picked it up. It was only like 6 dollars and I didn't think that it would harm my lashes. I still don't think its harming my lashes.. my eyeballs on the other hand... hah I'm pretty sure if I accidently get the product in my eyes they sting a little. I have really sensitive eyes though. Just don't wipe off this product, or cry or get a shower soon after applying.
My eyelashes are a light brown, are sparse in my opinion and on the shorter side. I've seen shorter, but I've seen much more longer. Here are pictures of my eyelashes two days after I started using this lash thickener (I forgot to take pictures before! oops) and I will take pictures again after using the product for a month.
This product is from Claudia Stevens and is simply called Eye Lash Thickener Vitamin Enriched. It is meant for thin sparse and short lashes. Instructions are to brush on clean lashes (mainly at the base) morning and night. Well night time is fine, but in the morning I always wear mascara. So on day 1 I waited 5 minutes to apply my mascara and that look was not cute. So the next day I waited about 30 minutes which turned out better than the day before.. but I still am not a fan of the fiberous flakey look.. ew. So now I am just applying a lot at night and not bothering in the morning unless I'm not working that morning.
Good luck to me! I hope I get beautiful thick healthy lashes.. but I will settle for anything better than what I have right now actually.

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