Sunday, August 2, 2009

So this is the rest of my China Glaze collection. Lord know's I will be getting more with my Sally Beauty Card, but this is it for now. I chose between flash or no flash to show the true colour as best as possible.
Turned Up Turquoise neon (it's not that neon.. and it has a really dull finish, its interesting but I like a top coat on it):
Cherry Pie (Red with pretty pinky sparkles):

Thataway (peachy orange):

Golden Meringue (very sheer, but when the light hits it right theres a really pretty golden colour, I really like this colour actually):

Magical (a brownish silver.. soo pretty):

Laced Up (very cute Barbie pink):

I will probably pick up a purple, but other than that I really shouldn't buy anymore. Sadly that doesn't mean I wont buy more anyways.
-sara x0x

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