Tuesday, August 4, 2009

medusa's what?

I was in this cute boutique in Fredericton New Brunswick about a month ago called Made You Blush. I went to check out the Stila products, hoping even though Stila is going under that they would have the black pencil liners. They didn't have any left sadly enough, but it's ok because I found these little gems. What are the gems? My pretty hot pink eye makeup brushes by Medusas Makeup! For five of them it was only $35! So I figured that they wouldn't be very good quality since they were so cheap, but since they were so cheap and I loved the hot pinkness I thought I would give them a shot. Can I just say that I am so impressed with the quality of these bad boys? The bristles are so soft, amazingly soft. And they apply eyeshadows exactly how they should. I am so happy with this purchase and I am so stoked about the price! They have some other products that I was looking at- like crazy intense colours of pigments that they call eye dusts. If you are interested check them out at http://www.medusasmakeup.com/ .Aren't they hot? The package came with a smudge brush (I use it as a lip brush), an angle liner (works awesome for filling in brows with powder too!), a shadow brush, fluff shadow brush ( I love for highlight), and eye contour (lovely for blending out the crease).
Looove! <3
-sara x0x

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